We at Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture know that lighting can make any project go from ‘This is great!’ to ‘THIS IS GREAT!’


Our low volt LED lighting can be used both under-cabinet for task lighting, as well as in-cabinet for accent lighting (such as behind glass doors).

LED – or light emitting diode – light fixtures offer clean, bright light without the need to change light bulbs.  They are very low energy use so you won’t see a big change on your electricity bill.  They emit very little heat.

When you have Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture supply your low volt LED ‘puck’ lights, we will supply a ‘map’ for your electrician so you will know exactly how many lights there are, and exactly where the electrician needs to ‘rough-in’ the wires.  View or download our INFORMATION SHEET and our puck light DIAGRAM.


Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture will make all the cabinet preparations for your new lighting in your new cabinets, so your LED puck lights are ‘recessed’ mounted for a clean, low-profile and finished look.  You won’t see any wires hanging our of your cabinets.


Some of our customers choose to have surface mounted light fixtures, such as rope lights, LED strip lights, or fluorescent fixtures.  If you choose to supply your own surface-mounted fixtures, we modify the way we build the cabinet to ‘hide’ the surface mounted lighting.  This eliminates the need to extra trims or moldings to hide the light fixtures, which make the space between your countertops and your upper cabinets smaller.  Reducing the clearance can get in the way of many countertop appliances such as coffee makers or blenders, making it harder to use them.