Many people ask us ‘What kind of furniture do you make?’

Entertainment centers are some of our most frequently requested projects. Contemporary or country, movie hound or audiophile – no matter your tastes or your needs we can deliver exactly what you need.

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We have many design features and accessories available:

GLASS DOORS – clear glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, textured glass… we have many sample of glass in our showroom

Clear glass doors

ACOUSTIC CLOTH – the same sound translucent fabric that is used on your stereo speaker.  Our acoustic cloth is available in black, white, coffee bean, and taupe.  Acoustic cloth allows you to hide your speakers without sacrificing sound.

Acoustic cloth

TV MOUNTING ARMS – many living spaces don’t make it easy to place the TV.  You can have the TV in the best viewing location, or have the most balanced and beautiful entertainment cabinetry.  Our heavy duty articulating TV mounting arm makes it easy to have the best of both.
DECORATIVE trims and feet – personalize your entertainment center, and turn ‘meh’ into ‘WOW’

Decorative trim

LIGHTING –  we offer low volt LED puck lights, which can be on a dimmer switch.  Our lighting is recessed mounted for a clean look, low energy use, and have a clean crisp light. Learn more

Low volt LED puck lights

Low voltage LED lights

Want more inspiration? Visit our Photo Gallery for more ideas!