Brothers Cabinets offers a wide variety of cabinet door styles:

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Shaker recessed panel

Recessed panel door styles offer design and affordability. These five-piece doors feature cope-and-stick joined frames.

  • Shaker – our most popular look, shaker style fits into almost any design scheme: traditional, country, contemporary, transitional, and more. Shaker doors feature square outside and inside edge details on the door frame
  • 3” Shaker – the same shaker style, but with a wider frame
  • Bevel shaker – a twist on a standard, the inside edge of the door frame features a bevel
  • Classic – this timeless style has a beaded inside edge detail


Beadboard panel inserts, versus the standard recessed panel, adds a county charm to any location

  • 1 ½” beadboard – the ‘standard’ beadboard recessed panel
  • 3” beadboard – technically a reversed raised panel, the beads are further apart and create a heavier look

Raised panel

Raised panel door styles offer timeless elegance, working well in traditional and transitional looks

  • Raised panel shaker – the raised panel paired with the square edges of the shaker door offer a more robust look while keeping the clean lines
  • Raised panel classic – the classic beaded inside edge paired with the raised panel offers a tasteful, traditional style
  • Western Raised – this door combines charm with clean lines. The ‘shaker’ frame has wider top and bottom rails, with a pillow style raised panel

Recessed panel standard mitered frame

Mitered frame door styles give a refined, furniture quality craftsmanship

  • Recessed panel standard mitered – perfectly pairing sleek and polished
  • Raised panel standard mitered – elegant and classic
  • Recessed panel scoop miter – a modern twist on the classic shaker design

Raised panel, applied molding

Applied molding can be added to both recessed and raised panel doors. The molding is hand-applied onto each door, resulting in a sophisticated and striking effect.

Solid slab panel

Perfect for modern contemporary design, the slab door style offers clean simplicity
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SOLID– or standard option, solid one-piece drawer fronts give a clean, uncluttered look and let you have the most options for handles and knobs
MATCHING – five-piece matching style drawer fronts are available on most door styles as an option.

  • LARGE drawers can be made to match the doorstyle
  • SMALL drawers, such as the uppermost drawers, will require the top and bottom ‘rails’ to be made smaller so there is enough space for the center panel


Recessed panel, fingerpull edge

The continuous fingerpull edge detail is available on most doorstyles. The fingerpull edge is a standard option, adding a distinctive detail with no extra cost. The fingerpull edge allows you to open your doors and drawers without handles or knobs.

Hidden fingerpull

Hidden fingerpulls are a great solution for those who want the clean look of the square edge doors and drawers, without the need to have knobs or handles. Hidden fingerpulls are machined into the back edges of the doors and drawers, and are placed correctly (left, right, top, bottom) to how the door of drawer will be opened.
Handles and Knobs
Adding handles or knobs to your cabinet doors and drawer fronts can dramatically change the look of your new kitchen and bath. We at Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture offer a wide array of decorative cabinet hardware to add to your project. You can choose from our selection of cabinet handles and knobs, or you can supply and install your own handles. We offer installation of your handles and knobs as well (which includes drilling the holes, supplying the correct size screws, and mounting the handles and knobs).
See a Full Gallery of Doorstyles