Here at Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture – YES, we do countertops, too.

We offer a wide selection of countertop choices, make Brother Cabinets a one-stop cabinet shop.

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Solid surface

Solid Surface

Our most popular countertop choice, we proudly offer Corian and Staron solid surface countertops. Corian, and Staron, are brand names of solid surface countertop materials. While Corian is the brand name that most people are familiar with, both Corian and Staron offer the same longevity, durability, and long-term beauty, Staron solid surface offers a less expensive, and cost-saving alternative to Corian without giving up any quality.

Both Staron and Corian solid surface:

Our solid surface is 100% acrylic – no polyester or other additives. Acrylic is far less prone to cracking or chipping, and seams are virtually invisible. Polyester is more brittle, more prone to cracks and breaking during fabrication and installation, and seams are more difficult to make and are more visible.

  • The color goes through the entire thickness of the material
  • Solid surface is non-porous and therefore extremely resistant to stains, mildew, and germs
  • Top mounted, under mounted, and seamed in (all-in-one) sink installations are possible
  • We can supply and install under-mounted stainless steel sinks, and 100% acrylic seamed-in sinks
Solid surface countertop with undermount sink

Solid surface countertop with undermount sink


TOP MOUNTED SINKS – also called self-rimming sinks, are the ‘standard’ option. Self-rimming sinks are available in a wide array of materials, colors, and sizes. You supply the sink, and Brothers will cut the correct size and shape hole that your sink requires.
UNDER-MOUNTED SINKS – offer a cleaner, easier to live with alternative to top mounted sinks.  Brothers offers both stainless undermounted sinks, and composite undermounted sinks.  Because the sink is ‘under’ the countertop, there is no ridge or lip from the countertop surface to the sink. This is especially helpful when cleaning your countertops. You are also welcome to supply your own undermounted sinks to us.
FARM SINKS – also called apron front sinks, are popular choice for many kitchens. Farm sinks are undermounted, but the face of the sink is seen.  We at Brothers are happy to accomodate your apron front farm sink into your cabinets and countertops.
SEAMED-IN SINKS – also called integrated sinks – give the cleanest look and feel to your kitchen or bath. The 100% acrylic sinks are made of the same durable material as your solid surface countertops, and give you the same stain resistant finish. Because the sinks are made of the same material as the countertop, they are not only under-mounted, but there is no joint or seam between the countertop and the sink. Our seamed in sinks are available for kitchens and baths, as well as prep sinks and bar sinks. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Solid surface offers design flexibility:




Butcherblock countertop

Butcherblock countertop

Butcherblock offers the warmth of real wood

  • Available in maple, sap cherry, select cherry, sap walnut, select walnut
  • Oiled finished are perfect for work and food prep surfaces
  • Clear conversion varnish finish offers no-hassle beauty
  • Butcherblock can be easily sanded and re-oiled when worn
  • Visible seams
  • Edge grain and end grain options
  • When using an undermounted sink, extra caution and extra maintenance will be needed


Wood slab countertop

Wood slab countertop

Exactly what it sounds like, wood slab tops are solid pieces of wood from a single tree

  • Wood slab countertops are typically 2″ – 2 ½″ thick
  • Can be oiled for lacquer finished
  • Availability of materials will vary – sugar pine and redwood are often available
  • Can be done with a ‘live edge’ – which is a natural, uneven, rough edge, including the bark of the tree




Laminate countertops

Laminate counters

Laminate countertops offer a wide array of colors and patterns at a budget-friendly price

  • Laminate is great for desk areas, laundry areas, and other light-and-medium use spaces
  • Visible seams
  • Square edge is standard, offering a consistent, uniform look from front edges to ends
  • Sinks must be top mounted only
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