Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture offers…almost everything. If you don’t see it here, just ask!

Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture offers almost everything in the way of wood species and finishes. We offer products made of alder, oak, hickory, maple, cherry, walnut, fir, even bamboo and zebra wood!


ALDER– your best budget friendly, and design friendly, option. Alder is a Northwest native hardwood, and has a fine grain. Alder has an even color and tone, with a light honey-color when natural. Alder takes any stain color readily and evenly.


RUSTIC ALDER – rustic grade alder has more character, including knots and mineral streaks. Rustic alder has the same smooth grain and even color as standard alder.

Rustic Alder

RED OAK –  Red Oak is is the most common oak wood used, and the type used when only ‘oak’ is specified.  Red Oak has open, pronounced grain and a strong look. Red Oak often has wide arches in the grain. Color is even, and varies from light to medium yellow-brown with a slightly pinkish undertone. Red oak takes any stain color readily.

Red Oak

WHITE OAK – White Oak is light creamy tan to medium brown, often with a gray undertone.  White oak is very dense and strong with open, heavy grain.  White Oak, especially when quarter-sawn, has ‘tiger stripes’ (called medullary rays).  White oak grain and color tends to be more regular than red oak, and White Oak takes stains well.
CALICO HICKORY – Calico hickory has a wide array of color, ranging from creamy white to rusty brown. Hickory is a strong and resilient hardwood with coarse grain. Hickory does not take stains well and is best when clear finished.

Calico Hickory

RUSTIC HICKORY – rustic grade hickory has the same wild color variation, but with added character of knots and mineral streaks.

Rustic Hickory

MAPLE – often referred to as ‘hard maple,’ this wood is particularly dense with smooth, even grain with occasional loops and swirls. Maple has a creamy white to golden tone, and because of its density maple does not accept stains well and is best when clear finished.


RUSTIC MAPLE – the same hard, dense, smooth grain maple but with heavy mineral streaks. Rustic maple can be clear finished, but this is the same material used for paint grade projects.

Rustic Maple

SAP CHERRY– smooth grain texture with elegant swirls, sap cherry is creamy white to rich reddish brown with some mineral streaks. Sap cherry darkens considerably with time and light exposure. Sap cherry is beautiful clear finished, or stained.
 SELECT CHERRY – the same cherry wood, but the white sapwood Is removed to create a more uniform color.
SAP WALNUT – smooth and straight grained, walnut is creamy white to dark rich brown with occasional greenish or purple undertones. Walnut is best when clear finished to highlight the natural beauty.
SELECT WALNUT – sapwood is removed to create a rich, deep brown color tone. Walnut is best when clear finished to highlight the natural beauty.
VG FIR – ‘vertical grain’ fir has fine, smooth straight grain and a warm golden to reddish brown hue.
ZEBRAWOOD – a tropical exotic, zebrawood is distinctive with dark and light stripes and straight grain.



BAMBOO – not technically wood, bamboo is a grass-like reed. The reeds are laminated together and made into sheets and planks. Bamboo has a characteristic striped look, is very hard, and is available in ‘natural’ and ‘caramel’ colors, and in horizontal and vertical grain.

Vertical bamboo