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CABINET FINISHES – Stains, Paints, Glazes

Our cabinet finishes are applied here in our shop, in our spray booths. Our stains and tinted lacquers are all spray applied, which gives an even, consistent color and does not leave brush marks, roller marks, or rag marks.


Spray stains are translucent, allowing the natural variation and character of the wood to show. Our spray stains come in a range of colors from light to dark, including tones of golden yellow, warm copper, rich brown, luscious red, and smokey grays. All spray stains receive a clear lacquer for durability that lasts.


Painted cabinet finishes give a clean, uniform look, at home in traditional and contemporary settings alike.  Rather than wall paint, we use a commercial grade, spray-applied, catalyzed, tinted lacquer. Our tinted lacquers give a long lasting, durable finish that resists stains and is easily to clean. Brothers offers an array of standard colors to choose from.  We can also custom-match a paint color of your choice for an additional charge. Dark colors (like black) and bright colors (like red) are a slight increase of cost.


‘Distressed’ details give your cabinets a well-loved and time worn look. Created by hand, distressed cabinet finishes are unique to each and every piece. Nicks and scrapes are applied with a variety of tools, and ‘worm holes’ are clustered, to give your cabinets an aged appearance. Tinted lacquer painted finished can be ‘oversanded’ to expose the wood beneath the paint. The level of distress, as well as the types of marks, is up to your tastes. Because of the hand-applied nature of distressed finishes, no two samples are alike and variation is to be expected. Distress can be applied to stained or tinted lacquer finishes.


Glazes enhance the details of cabinets, giving a patina and depth to any décor. The glaze is a rich chocolate-brown color that is sprayed and then hand-wiped. The glaze collects into the grooves, ridges, corners, and open grain.   Like distress, glaze is unique and variations are to be expected, enhancing the look of the cabinets. Glazes can be applied over both stains and tinted lacquers.

Important note: Samples are meant to represent overall color and shade, and are not meant to represent every surface of every project. Variations in grain and how the finish interacts with the wood are part of the natural beauty and are not considered a defect. ‘Gray’ colored stains show a greater variance in color and tone than ‘brown’ stains. Slight variations in dye lots will result in slight differences in color for both stains and tinted lacquers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  We have samples of our finishes and our cabinets in our showroom.  Please give us a call  at 541-664-5550 to schedule your appointment.

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