At Brothers Custom Cabinets and Furniture, our ‘standards’ are better than most other cabinet makers’ top-end options…

  • STANDARD OVERLAY FACEFRAME: these are the standard features that all of our cabinets have!
  • ¾″ thick hardwood faceframes are dowel joined and glued for superior strength (not just screwed together)
  • Faceframes are fully glued and nail-joined to the cabinet box
  • ¾″ thick thermally fused white melamine cabinet sides, bottom, and top
  • ¾″ thick thermally fused white melamine fully adjustable shelves, which are moisture and scuff resistant, offering superior surface durability and clean-ability
  • ¼″ thick white melamine cabinet backs in ALL cabinets, which are dadoed into the cabinet box for additional strength
  • ¾″ thick nailer strips are hidden behind the cabinet backs
  • finished ends have the same material and finish as cabinet face frames and doors
  • ½″ thick UV coated prefinished plywood drawer boxes with ¼″ thick captured (dadoed) drawer bottoms for exceptional strength and longevity. Plywood offers greater stability than lumber, and plywood drawer boxes are much, much less prone to twisting, warping, swelling, and splitting than lumber drawer boxes
  • Full extension, 100-pound load rated, heavy duty, ball bearing drawer slides offer long lasting durability and ease of everyday use
  • Heavy duty, full-bodied, concealed European hinges are self-closing and have six-way adjustment to ensure the doors are straight with even reveals between doors
  • Clear rubber bumpers on the back of ALL doors and drawers

We offer several options of cabinet contruction for our customers.

Cabinet construction, and door overlay, change the design style and overall look of your kitchen.  We offer the following types of cabinets:
STANDARD faceframe overlay: 5/8″ overlay gives a traditional look, and is compatible with either our continuous fingerpull edge or our hidden fingerpull options
  • European overlay faceframe – gives the clean look of European style full overlay, while keeping the strength of faceframe construction
  • Inset face frame – doors and drawer fronts are inset, and flush with the cabinet face frame when closed. Inset gives a high-end look to any room
  • Frameless full overlay – often used in garages, closets, and other storage areas where function and budget are the primary concerns

Your cabinet construction and overlay choice greatly contributes to your design.  Visit our Design Styles page to find out what look suits your tastes.

In addition to our high quality standard hinges and drawer slides, we offer these options also:

  • SOFT close hinges – the same high quality, full-bodied, six-way adjustment hinges but with a built-in soft close mechanism to eliminate the ‘thud’ of closing doors
  • SOFT close drawer slides – undermounted full extension drawer slides have the same 100-pound rated load strength, with the added feature of soft-closure

We offer several options for your cabinet interiors:

  • WHITE melamine cabinet interiors – thermally fused white melamine fully adjustable shelves, which are moisture and scuff resistant, offering superior surface durability and clean-ability
  • MAPLE melamine cabinet interiors – gives the warm look of natural wood-grain maple wood, while offering the same surface durability of melamine
  • Prefinished PLYWOOD cabinet boxes –featuring a baked-on UV coating, the ¾” thick shelves, sides, tops and bottoms cabinet construction offers greater strength but gives up surface durability (versus melamine cabinet interiors)

Our standard, durable plywood drawer boxes offer this option:

  • DOVETAILED plywood drawer boxes – interlocked fingers create extra reinforcement at the drawer box corners

You may have heard from “The Other Guys’ that solid wood drawer boxes are the best.  We at Brothers would disagree.  Our years of experience has shown us and our customers that a lumber drawer box will split, and warp much more than a plywood drawer box.  A twisted, bowed, or warped drawer box is one that will stick and bind.  Here at Brothers, we offer what we have found is the better product – at a better price.